That Has to Hurt

Alan Gottlieb, on our victories in McDonald and Heller:

Gottlieb attributes the rapid turnaround in part to the brazen overconfidence of gun controllers. If Washington, D.C., had not challenged the March 2007 appeals court decision overturning its highly restrictive gun ban, the Supreme Court would not have had the opportunity to declare in Heller that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to arms. If Chicago had not insisted on maintaining its gun ban after the Heller decision, there would have been no McDonald, and the question of whether the Second Amendment binds states and cities would have remained unsettled. “We needed a little luck, and the other side gave us that luck,” says Gottlieb. “Our opponents are our biggest supporters.”

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5 thoughts on “That Has to Hurt”

  1. Absolutely! I hope Mayors Adrian Fenty and Richard Daley earn the legacy of being unwitting pawns in giving back Americans their 2nd Amendment rights through their hubris and elitism. Probably not the legacies they were looking for, to be remembered as court jesters, but of all their acts those will be the ones they will be most remembered for.

  2. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    – Napoleon

  3. Daley signals us that they see no reason to let up. So, it appears that the municipal and state lawsuits will continue to spring up, to be won one by one. It’s open season on cities, counties, townships, and states where left-leaning law-makers persist in thinking they can regulate the right to carry out of existence.
    Here is what amuses me so much: “civil rights” litigation was viewed as the playground of the Left. The federal statutes provide for attorney fees specifically to encourage the aggrieved to hire a lawyer and tee it up.
    They never thought about the 2nd amendment stating a civil right!

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