Polishing the Turd

The Brady folk have an annual report out. Joe Huffman notes that their main theme seems to be declaring victory because they didn’t lose everything. I do have to admit, they say you can’t polish a turd, but the Brady folks are very good at it, reading over their report. Comparing to previous years, they seem to be doing a bit better raising money from new members than in 2007, but worse than 2008. In addition, they seem to be doing a really poor job of keeping members, based on renewal income continuously dropping, despite general contributions to both the Campaign and the Center being up in 2009 over 2008. It’ll be interesting to see their 2009 Form 990s, when they become available.

5 thoughts on “Polishing the Turd”

  1. You must have missed the Mythbhusters where they did successfully polish some…animal droppings. They managed to get I think lion scat to a reasonably high polish.

  2. You can’t polish a turd but if you drink a quart of olive oil it’ll come out shiny. Not sure what the Brady’s are drinking but Kool Aid is a big component.

  3. I must say … that’s a pretty nice looking turd they have there.

    Durbin and McCarthy surely are proud to be featured.

  4. “Hey, it looks pretty good!”
    “Yeah, but what’s that smell…”

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