This Year’s NRA Election Is Over

The 2009 NRA Board Elections are now at an end.  Today is the ballot deadline.  Ballots received after today will not count.  I would like to thank Senator Feinstein, President Obama and his Chief of Staff for helping remind NRA members to get their ballots in.  I would also like to thank our endorsed candidates who took the time to answer some of our questions.  We will find out the results of the election at NRA’s Annual Meeting, which I will dutifully report to you.

3 thoughts on “This Year’s NRA Election Is Over”

  1. All,

    I am proud to report that – THANKS to your support – I have been successfully elected to serve you on the NRA Board.

    Thanks to all!


  2. Thanks Bitter….I owe a great deal of gratitude to you, Sebastian, your fellow bloggers and all of those here.

    I will not forgot the kindness, assistance and support you all have shown me.


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