2 thoughts on “More From NSSF on EPA Ammo Ban Petition”

  1. Doesn’t matter what you say. No amount of public outrage is going to stop this if lisa jackson truly wants this. Only if these people have the common sense that this is BS. But we know anti-gun liberals do not consider facts or statistics. But considering the head of the EPA is a far left wing socialist radical appointed by obama…

    Just think. The 2nd ammendment in essence voided overnight by an environmental proposal… And not a single bill had to be introduced. And all on the shoulders of a single person. It’s so brilliant its digusting.

    That they don’t have the authority be damned. If they want to do it they will do it. They could get 90 million letters and comments. The phones could never stop ringing. There could be marched outside there offices for the next 3 months. They will still do this if they want to. You know liberals NEVER listen to the people anymore.

    Yet I will still send my letter, and contact my senators, and put in my comment. Why, because its better to go down fighting than not at all.

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