The Plot Uncovered

Joe reports that some guy on a forum has figured it all out, and that the NRA has been secretly funding the Brady Campaign. Code ten to HQ, repeat, code ten to HQ. Send in “The Piano Tuners”. If I were this guy, I would highly suggest building a bunker from all the fundraising letters you’ve received. Now you know what they are for. Not that it’s going to help!

2 thoughts on “The Plot Uncovered”

  1. ohhh, yeeahhhh. that explains it… and the RNC is secretly funding Obama to motivate it’s base… and NASA is faking reports of asteroids to prop up their funding… and… and…

  2. I came across exactly such a backhand comment tying the NRA and the Brady’s funding together, and the overwhelming cognitive dissonance caused me to ignore it like a purple gorilla in an airport bathroom. But it wasn’t a gun-forum.

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