The Stupid Things Politicians Say

It’s always a good thing when politicians brag about their NRA grades, but this is pretty funny right here:

Long time Pro Gun, NRA Member and now Congressional Candidate, Don Browning receives the NRA “A” rating with the coveted ”Q” added. ( Emails messages are buzzing about the value of the NRA “A”,”Q” Ratings awarded to lifetime members of the NRA) Apparently Cliff Stearns was not awarded the valued “Q” because of incumbent status.

You see, the “Q” means the guy has no record, so his grade is based solely on his answer to the questionnaire. He’s spinning it as a special endorsement they give to lifetime NRA members. Politicians will do anything to get elected I guess. I’m sure Cliff Stearns is missing the “Q,” because he has a voting record.

4 thoughts on “The Stupid Things Politicians Say”

  1. Thats a good reason NOT to vote for him, if he’s not even elected and already a lying SOB

  2. I read most of the page and it was semi-incoherent and seemed to use a lot of third person.

  3. Cliff Stearns not only has a voting record, but he was the primary sponsor of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

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