A Good Problem to Have

It would seem there are lawmakers trying to claim, or imply endorsements or high grades from NRA when endorsements or grades haven’t been issued in their races. This is a dicey thing, because the lawmakers in question probably really are quite good on our issue, but at the same time endorsements and grades are rather politically sensitive, and you can’t exactly have politicians going around claiming what they haven’t yet earned. But in a way, it’s a good problem to have, because it means politicians perceive your grades and endorsements to be important enough to lie about them.

You don’t hear too many politicians bragging about their Brady grade this year, and as we’ve mentioned, it would seem CeaseFire PA will give you a D just for returning their questionnaire, which would indicate they have an issue getting politicians to even do that. But there are no votes and money on their side, and there are both on ours — so it’s no wonder.