How is This Not Socialism?

I’m not one to use the hyperbole of calling ever Democratic politician to the left of Joe Lieberman a socialist, but can the folks who bitch to people on the right about calling Obama a socialist tell me how this isn’t socialism?  How about this? [Link removed, sorry] You have the government directing the means of protection.  That seems pretty socialist to me.

Countertop also asks the rather fantastic question of what happens if Obama decides to take a bit of Eliot Spitzer’s advice and put the squeeze on Cerberus, who own Chrysler, and a whole boatload of gun companies?  I have two words for Cerberus: Smith and Wesson.

9 Responses to “How is This Not Socialism?”

  1. Right Wing Wacko says:

    It’s closer to a cross between Fascism and Socialism than it is to pure Socialism. Socialism would be government ownership and control. Fascism is government control of privately owned assets.

    I suppose one could argue that the Tarp funds give the government partial ownership, but that was supposed to be only a “Loan”.

  2. Graumagus says:

    I think the way Comrade Obamavich changes the rules every ten minutes is what has the business community spooked the worst. He’s eroded trust so bad in his first 90 days in office that our economy isn’t even going to start recovering until he’s either out of office or the Democrats lose their majority in the house and/or senate and he loses his rubber stamp.

  3. countertop says:

    Of course, Smith and Wesson saw the light . . . . and I just bought two Smith and Wesson M&P AR 15 lowers.

  4. NJSoldier says:

    Did anyone really think that corporations would be able to shake off the Obama Administration once they got their hooks in?

  5. Sebastian says:

    The “Loan” in question is more like the kind you get from the Mafia. In fact, I would argue TARP is identical to a mafia loan scam. People would be in jail for doing this if it weren’t government.

  6. NJSoldier says:

    How about this? I got a horrid sinking feeling as I read it:

  7. Crucis says:

    It isn’t socialism. It’s fascism. State-sponsored socialism is fascism just like Mussolini imposed in Italy before WW2. FDR’s National Recovery Act (later declared unconstitutional) was copied from Mussolini. It’s the same thing that BO is trying to impose.

  8. R. Franz says:

    Its not Socialism because in Socialism, the government owns and controls the production of things the people want and need. This administration is only controlling the production of three things, American Cars, American Money and American Government, none of which are wanted by anyone, thanks to years of socialist policy flushing the value of all three into a too-big-fail spiral down the porcelain bowl of history.