VPC Ruger Video

John Richardson has a VPC video that maligns the Ruger SR9, and Ruger’s advertising. John notes that they have a good case for copyright violation. I think the VPC’s is on pretty solid fair use grounds, so I don’t agree in terms of violation. But VPC does meet the criteria Righthaven would be looking for; a poorly funded non-profit that’s barely scraping by, and that would be more interested in a quick settlement than fighting an expensive lawsuit. Fortunately for Josh Sugarmann, Ruger is more ethical than Stevens Media LLC, so he has little to worry about. It would have been a real tragedy for Josh to have to cut back his six figure salary, or cut into his Google research budget, in order to fight a baseless lawsuit.

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  1. A DAO pistol with a manual thumb safety and a magazine disconnect, and an internal safety lock. Also The SR9c has a capacity of a kosher 10 rounds. You’d think VPC would LOVE this gun.

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