6 thoughts on “New Shooting Show on Versus”

  1. While Comcast does rape me enough to get Outdoor Channel, apparently I have to pay even more to get Speed Channel, which I think is where all the cool-looking HSLD shooting shows live now.

    I made the mistake of watching one episode of “The Gun Nuts”. False advertising. Fudd & Stream can suck it.

  2. I thought “the Gun Nuts” was ok, I certainly didn’t expect it to be what I wanted it to be…An AR test fest.
    I did get a good laugh from the “fudd & stream” blast.

  3. Actually, Diomed, I don’t think Speed has any shooting on it– all the shows I get are on Versus, Outdoor Channel, or The Sportsman’s Channel.

  4. I personally loathe “the gun nuts” that’s hosted by Petzal and Co, but I have personal reasons for that.

    The only thing that’s bad about 3-Gun Nation is that it airs at weird times. It’s hard to remember that it’s on, especially since I don’t have DVR any more.

  5. I’ve been watching it since the start (I show up in a couple of the crowd shots at the Superstition Mountain 3 Gun), and it’s pretty good. The shoot-off format makes for great TV, and the hosts are engaging and well-known.

  6. Dixie,

    I have no idea which channel it actually is, as I just get a notice I’m not authorized for it when I try to watch. I just sort of left it there. Might be Sportsman’s. I know I get Versus and Outdoor.

    They had some interesting-sounding, probable mall ninja programming listed though.

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