NRA Runs Anti-Kagan Ad

Looks like NRA is running an ad on the Kagan issue (warning, ad will auto play on that link):

This would seem to refute those who claimed their opposition to her would be half-hearted or insincere. Producing and running ads isn’t a cheap business.

4 Responses to “NRA Runs Anti-Kagan Ad”

  1. Carl from Chicago says:

    That is a great ad.

    Of course, what Sotomayor did is not necessarily what Kagan will do. But it sure weighs heavily on many of our minds.

  2. Hank Archer says:

    Will the NRA still endorse Harry Reid if he votes for Kagan?

  3. Xrlq says:

    I was expecting better. If I didn’t know about Kagan already, this ad would have left me thinking that the worst the NRA could say about her is that she had promised to uphold the Second Amendment, and they simply didn’t believe her because … well, just because.

  4. Hank Archer says:

    I think that the ad is OK- it connects the dots between what Obama’s nominees say and how they rule, but it could have been driven home more forcefully.


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