Getting Anti-Gun Messages Back into Hollywood

It looks like the Joyce Foundation is going to try, and they have some recommendations. The good news is we have the opposition in hearts and minds territory, the bad news is this is ground they’ve traditionally been very good at fighting on. They are laying the groundwork for the next big legislative sweep against us, and if this succeeds it’s going to be ugly. It’s always a situation of winning, until you aren’t.

3 thoughts on “Getting Anti-Gun Messages Back into Hollywood”

  1. I’m wondering with all the people getting guns for the first time, and the likely exponentially more people learning to shoot and handle guns for the first time, I wonder how long Hollywood has before they have to get real with gunplay, and gun “facts” in movies.

    For right now it’s just the hardcore gunnies and those who know us who snicker when Arnold just walks into a gun shop and is simply HANDED a full-auto Uzi to examine and buy in The Terminator in 1984.

    BTW IMFDB has a little blurb about Cameron saying that the Terminator sawed down the gun and converted them to full-auto at his hotel….blah blah blah.

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