Texas to EPA: o|oo

Use your imagination, but this is the most satisfying thing I’ve read in quite a while. This document is the State of Texas, in no uncertain terms, telling the EPA and the federal government they can go to hell when it comes to the EPA unilaterally attempting to regulate carbon emissions. More states need to just say no to the feds, on a lot more than just this.

9 thoughts on “Texas to EPA: o|oo”

  1. I wonder why Gov. Perry did not sign this also? A bunch of states should just tell the feds not only no but Hell No!

  2. The most powerful word in the English language: “NO”.

    What are the feds going to do if the states say “No”?? Are they going to invade us like 1861? The Federal Government is bankrupt and will collapse anyway due to its enormous size….like a whale on a beach.

    Of course this will drive Chairman Obama crazy because he believes that he is worthy of total obedience.

  3. Probably because it’s not Perry’s role. The Attorney General is the one charged with defending the laws of Texas.

  4. Hopefully states will also push back on the EPA’s attempt to regulate milk transportation by calling spilled milk an “oil spill” (due to the oils that are found in milk)!

  5. It is a general rule that a Cornhusker fan not praise anything Texan, but I just gotta say: I love you, Texas!!

  6. Sterling,

    The only leverage EPA really has is that they can stop Texas from receiving federal highway funds ie: no pork projects. That’s a win win as far as I’m concerned (but is worth noting if you wonder why your states not doing the same thing).

    Alpheus, your right about the spilled milk rule. Unfortunatly, as much as I want to blame Obama for that, it was actually developed during the Bush years. We tried to kill it then but they wouldn’t let us.

  7. You know, I am coming late to the table on the impression that Geo. Bush wasn’t really all that conservative, whether regarding the 2A or any other issue except perhaps abortion.
    Is it probable, in the long run, that he and his now-acknowledged liberal policies actually did us more harm than good by provoking the electorate to desperately seek change, even at the risk of an Obama/Dems takeover of Washington?

    Just asking.

  8. I don’t know about other areas, but with regard to EPA – like most other republicans he just didn’t care about EPA and saw it as a way to show his moderation. Of course, as anyone could have told him, that was bound to backfire and the greens (committed leftists led by RFK Jr) were never going to do anything but attack him.

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