Holiday Bustling in DC

Forget a rush to buy Christmas gifts, most folks I know in DC just started a bustling holiday season today because of Obama’s latest stunt. As summed up by a friend this morning:

Looks like Obama has decided to make today his own day that will live in infamy with the most destructive attack on the US economy ever, scheduled for launching at 1:15 pm.

Between this, health care, and all the other crap he’s pushing, can anyone on the left try to make the argument that this administration isn’t actively trying to make the economy worse?

Of course, I also view this as a warning for gun owners. How so? Consider this statement from the WSJ:

An “endangerment” finding by the Environmental Protection Agency could pave the way for the government to require businesses that emit carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases to make costly changes in machinery to reduce emissions — even if Congress doesn’t pass pending climate-change legislation. EPA action to regulate emissions could affect the U.S. economy more directly, and more quickly, than any global deal inked in the Danish capital, where no binding agreement is expected.

This administration has realized that it doesn’t need Congress to act on every major issue. He’ll need to go to Congress on some things, but not for many damaging policies. It can be the same way with the gun issue. He won’t have to worry about moderate Democrats casting votes. In fact, he won’t have to answer to Congress at all. Congress authorized these agencies to enact regulations long ago, so the Obama team is simply taking advantage of it.

So far, the Obama team has been hesitant to pick a fight on guns. However, if he decides to do it, know that those working for him have realized that they can use their regulatory authority to come after us without the messy fight & political accountability in Congress.

7 Responses to “Holiday Bustling in DC”

  1. Sebastian says:

    This is yet another example of how much you could restrain leviathan just by pushing for justices that support rethinking the non delegation doctrine. If Congress wants to make something illegal, or to regulate something, they can pass a law.

  2. Ian Argent says:

    They have to be careful of this; Congress could strip the agency of jurisdiction in rulemaking (this is essentially what happened with the park concealed carry).

  3. Skullz says:

    “without the messy fight & political accountability in Congress.”

    Everyone would be better off if the messy fight stayed in congress. The fight outside the safety of the Senate and House would be much bloodier and more costly than some political black eyes or ended careers.


  4. Jim Phillips says:

    I’ve been concerned about the EPA banning lead or making it so expensive, time consuming, and difficult to possess/work with/ be exposed to that ammo prices and restrictions will increase enormusly.

    If ammo prices and range time costs increased AND discharge of lead into the enviorment could only occur at a “grandfathered” range or a new “envioromently friendly” range the number of active shooters would be drasticly reduced and it would be much harder to get newbies into firearms and gun rights.

    Imagine hunting when you are mandated to use non lead ammo (like in some areas of California) or when you miss an animal you are hunting you have to pay a hazmat charge for cleanup of your lead “contamination”. Oh and forget letting anyone else eat the meat due to the possibility of lead exposure.

    All of this could be done through the EPA with exemptions for LEOs/Military. Though at one point I heard .MIL was going non lead for ranges in the US. I do not know if they followed through

    I work with lead in my job. The changes in the last 20 years regarding an element that humans have used for thousands of years is “interesting” from my warped viewpoint

    Hope I am wrong in my concerns

    Jim Phillips

  5. BobG says:

    Not only could they go after businesses, but what if they decide to put a “carbon tax” on anyone’s house that uses gas, wood, or oil for heating? Got a gas stove, add more to the taxes. There are so many things that produce carbon dioxide that they could slap taxes and fees around on everyone. And as greedy as government is right now, I don’t think some of them would hesitate.
    Just my opinion.

  6. emdfl says:

    I’m beginging to think that Henry Bowman had the right idea…

  7. windex1 says:

    California is gearing up to make money with this “cap and trade” thing. I’d look to them for insight into the future.