We’re Driving Less

Apparently 11 billion miles less in March this year than last year.  We’re also producing less carbon emissions.  Funny how the free market works like that.  I’m anxiously awaiting advanced in battery technology, which appears to be close to fruition, that will allow me to forgo gasoline entirely, and plug my car in at the end of the day.  Take that Saudi Arabia!

8 thoughts on “We’re Driving Less”

  1. If I could, I’d ride my bike to work every day. I’m only 4 miles between home and office, but alas, I still have to meet with clients and I surely can’t do that if I’m all sweaty and stinky. Then there’s the days when it rains or snows.

  2. As someone who bikes to work somewhat frequently (5 miles each way), it can be done. Drive multiple sets of your work clothes in on rainy days and you can be set for a week or so. If you go in early in the morning, it won’t be too hot yet, and if you don’t ride hard, you shouldn’t generate much sweat. You can always wash your face when you arrive. I ride in because I enjoy it. If it looks like it is going to rain, be too hot or too cold, or I have to go somewhere after work, I just drive and don’t worry about it. Even if you only commute 1/4 of the year, you’ll still see some benefit in terms of money and health. Plus, I always feel better in the morning at work when I arrive after biking than after driving.

  3. I rode to work once. If I had a bike trail that gave me a nearly straight shot and had showers at work, I’d consider doing it regularly. But minus those two things, it’s too hazardous, and I do get too sweaty.

  4. The distance really is the differentiating factor. My 5 mile drive home is about a 15 minute drive versus a 20 minute ride. So for me, biking is not really a large time commitment. For longer distance drives, the difference between driving and biking times increases, and biking can start to take up more of your day.

  5. Pennsylvania is pretty heavily nuclear. About 40% of my power is generated by splitting atoms. Another 45% is coal. Considering that electric drive is far far more efficient than ICE engines, and considering that a coal fired power plant has a much higher efficiency than ICE engines, you do shift some carbon to the power plant, but overall it’s better.

  6. I bicycle to work, (2 miles) and usually carry a change of clothes in a back-pack. (I feel like I’m back at college, travelling on foot or bike with a backpack…)

    Of course, there are also cargo-racks that will mount over the rear wheel. It will change the aerodynamics and weight distribution on the bicycle, but allow cargo to be carried off of the back of the rider.

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