Brady’s Unhappy With ATF Vacancy

Obama has not named an ATF director, and this is making the Brady folks incensed. You know, I can think of one organization that does have a director, if the Bradys are so concerned about this issue. Would they be willing to join us now in asking Obama to abolish this agency, and fold its functions into the FBI? This is one way I can think of to solve this problem.

17 thoughts on “Brady’s Unhappy With ATF Vacancy”

  1. I’m glad that the Brady’s are unhappy. Also, do you think the FBI would actually WANT the F-troopers around?

  2. Why not get rid of it altogether? And then abolish most of its activity and not have another agency take them over? Then that gun registry they have that they say that it isn’t one because its “incomplete” can be dismantled. And put all the members in prison where they belong? That would be the better thing to do for the country. After all as far as government agencies go it is the illegitimate child and should never of been created in the first place. Grew to be one of the worst civil right violators in the country that hides behind the feds. But whats a few hundred innocents murdered by the American equivalent of the SS?

    As far as many including myself are concearned the ATF are no better than any of the so called “criminals” they go after. They are scum, and everyone knows it but its just a matter of how much there willing to admit it.

  3. I would be at least somewhat supportive of a dissolution of the BATFE.

    Yeah. To the greater extent in my view, the madder the Brady folks are, the happier I am.

  4. Shawn:

    Because we’re talking about political reality here. We will not be rid of all federal gun laws, and if there are going to be federal gun laws, someone is going to be charged with enforcing them.

  5. Packetman.

    NRA doesn’t call for BATFE to be abolished because it would be a waste of their time and effort.

    There is zero chance of getting rid of BATFE. It’s a nice thought and I’m sure it was fun to take a shot at NRA, but Congress isn’t going to do away with BATFE.

  6. Mike,

    Despite what you may think, I take no particular pleasure (perverse or otherwise) in pointing out what, to me (and others) are the NRA’s failings. If you must know, my ‘dig’ was more at Sebastian than anyone (the NRA are a lost cause), since it was he who asked if the Brady’s were ready to join him in calling for the abolishing of the BATFE.

    I simply thought it was comical that he agrees with me regarding the BATFE, but that the NRA would oppose him on that score.

  7. I dunno. I remember when they didn’t have the “E” given to them. Yet part of me wants to have a nice, efficient Federal Law Enforcement Bureau to go after the Bad Guys. But another part of me says the wider Power is dispersed, the safer it is for the Republic. If we had Agencies run like the Coast Guard or Charlie Askins Border Patrol, I wouldn’t worry. But with the way DHS and TSA runs things, I’d be really afraid of any mergers right now, especially with the “Chicago Mob” living at 1600 Penn.Ave.

  8. It amuses me that the Brady Bunch points out the military base shootings, the museum shootings, etc. and implies “this wouldn’t have happened if the BATFE just had a leader!!!”

    Now, just *how* would BATFE leadership have prevented these things? To the best of my knowledge, most, if not all, of these shootings, occurred with legal guns. Also, to the best of my knowledge, neither the BATFE nor the FBI are omniscient: they have no way of looking at their records of gun ownership, and predicting *who* will start shooting up people at public places!

    Of course, the BATFE and the FBI *might* be omniscient, and omnipotent…and the Brady Campaign seems to want us to believe they are omnibenevolence. Thus, this begs the question: Why did evil occur before BATFE lost their director?

  9. “PM: There’s a difference between opposing something and just not wasting your time with it.”

    Hummingbird. Mars.

  10. The ATF is an agency looking for an identity They have been batted around from Treasury to Homeland Security and then to Justice. No one wants them. They are nothing more than a huge liability. Most of their agents are a bunch of chest beating, egomaniacal cowboys who could not get hired by the DEA, Secret Service, or FBI. The cases they work could be handled by any other agency or local police department. They use firearms violations as a way to work criminal matters that other agencies are more than up to the task to resolve. For example; ATF works biker gangs under the premise that they possess firearms. The same with drug gangs. The DEA, FBI and other law enforcement agencies can conduct these investigations. Therefore ATF is a redundancy. ATF added Explosives to their name a few years ago and claim that they should have exclusive jurisdiction in these cases. The FBI has been investigating bomb cases years before the ATF. There is also internal strife within ATF. They eat their own people. Log onto to view the problems within ATF. If the federal government wants to save some money, abolish ATF. No one would miss them.

  11. As much as I want to see the F-troop abolished, I don’t care to see them folded into the FBI. The just-over-the-finish line, political compromise form of that would be for the FBI to get all the ATF’s functions and all their personnel, minus perhaps the very top management. Personal habits and institutional memory being what they are, I’m not sure how that’s any improvement.

    If we ever do get any widespread traction or outrage against the ATF, I’d rather see it used to roll back some of their authority instead of wasting the opportunity on a name change.

  12. Dave:

    I actually agree with you on that, but couldn’t resist the temptation to lead the Brady folk to an area of their logic I know they won’t want to go.

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