Rodentgate Continues

For those that don’t follow the gory details (and gory is highly appropriate in this case) of Pennsylvania Capitol happenings, it looks like the Capitol Cafeteria has failed yet another health inspection. It was originally closed back in December due to numerous rodent droppings, among other things. The Capitol was re-opened by none other than our own governor, who wanted to show the people of the Commonwealth that rodent crap never killed anyone.

Capitol Ideas asks why Aramark still has the contract. That’s a good question. Just remember folks, these are the same types of people who want to make health care decisions for all of us too.

UPDATE: Now this explains why the Aramark Contract wasn’t cancelled:

But to Rendell, who brought Philadelphia-based Aramark in as the food vendor six years ago, this visit was his way of giving an all-clear to the thousands in the Capitol workforce that the once-popular restaurant is clean and safe again. “I have 100 percent confidence that this is as clean a restaurant now as any facility in the state, and I have no problem eating here,” Rendell said as he dug in, joined by Cathleen McCormick, his top capital projects aide.

Aramark is a big Philadelphia based employer. Patronage is a bitch. This is what you get, people of Pennsylvania, for electing a Philadelphia Mayor as Governor. Never again. Thankfully Ed is one rat who’s droppings we won’t have see around Harrisburg after this year.

4 thoughts on “Rodentgate Continues”

  1. Are we sure that the droppings are from furry rodent type and not the RAT’s that work in the capitol?

  2. In Colorado, the Capitol Cafeteria is known informally as “The Roach”.

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