9 thoughts on “Home Made Submachine Gun”

  1. No one with more than a superficial knowledge of guns would ever think you could ban them without banning most of the materials of modern life.

    That’s why politicians and leftists are so keen on bans.

  2. Making the ammo for it would probably be more difficult that making the gun itself.

    I reload my own rounds and I’m still impressed that they can make primers for (now) $0.03 a round.

    Never mind the brass.

  3. That design of firearm in question has to my knowledge been built at least twice. Luty himself made and tested the first one, obviously. It earned him a stretch in the Queens finest graybar hotel. Whether that one works or not I couldn’t say. As for ammunition, Luty also made plans for the production of expediently made ammo. Like the plans for the contruction of the gun it did not seem too complicated for an ordinary person to follow successfully.

  4. No firearm technology is that remarkably complex. Powder, primer and brass are all within the realm of the enthusiast or ambitious criminal. The most you can hope for is to drive up cost. Even smokeless powder is a simple formula. Easier than methamphetamine.

    The variable is quality. You won’t win shooting matches with black market guns and ammunition, but it will grt the job done.

  5. I think that I’ve read somewhere that some of the AK47’s in Africa and Pakistan are homemade too.

  6. Speaking of banning… I am experiencing different reactions when I read a quote Jeff (http://www.alphecca.com/?p=2311) found –

    “We’ve never taken issue with law abiding citizens who have a weapon legally,” said Peter Hamm, communications director of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “They have the right to defend themselves when in danger.”

    Laugh, cry, scream…

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