The Face of Gun Ownership

The American Thinker notices that it’s changing:

Two examples of just how respectable gun ownership is today happened to me this last week.  First, I am on my Catholic parish’s finance committee.  As we finished setting our budget for the current fiscal year and adjourned Thursday night’s meeting, the topic turned to guns.  Soon four of the seven members, including our pastor, were talking about getting together at the local shooting range.  At least one additional member is also a gun owner but doesn’t target shoot as a hobby.   Although the parish is in small town North Carolina, none of us are native to this area.  We are big city and suburban folk, active and retired accountants, investment advisors and a former lobbyist for a business association.

Read the whole thing. This big aspect of Heller that I hadn’t anticipated was that Supreme Court validation of the right would do more to legitimize gun ownership in the eyes of ordinary citizens, which I think it has to a very large degree. To be honest, I’m not sure why folks working at gun control groups aren’t looking for jobs in other left-of-center issues at this point. The past few years has minted a lot of new gun owners. It may only be anecdotal evidence, but how often now when you go to gun shows do you hear dealers explaining the process to people?  I’ve noticed quite a bit of it.