Appeal for Funds

Clayton is saying he’s going to fight the Righthaven lawsuit, and is looking for donations to help with legal costs. Please kick him some money if you have some to spare. I donated back when this started, and when I stop hemorrhaging money planning a Hawaii trip at the end of the summer, I’ll kick him some more. I think it’s very important for the blogging community as a whole that someone stands up to these people, in their abuse of process. It could be any of us, and shutting down these forms of nasty lawsuits will benefit everyone.

UPDATE: Righthaven is filing five more suits.

UPDATE: The defendants, including Clayton, speak out in the Las Vegas Sun.

6 Responses to “Appeal for Funds”

  1. noops says:

    Done. Remind us again in a month or so…I’ll keep throwing in a little each month.

  2. Shawn says:

    Of course its paypal. Hope paypal doesn’t realize that its a gun blog so they shut down the account and keep the money.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Paypal is fine with gun blogs… as long as they aren’t selling guns or gun related items.

  4. Thanks all. My son’s girlfriend is a pretty left of center sort. But when she found out about the Righthaven suits, she told my son, “They picked on the wrong guy.”

  5. Brad says:

    Should advertisers on the LVRJ be contacted to inform them of the pariah status of the LVRJ?

  6. “Should advertisers on the LVRJ be contacted to inform them of the pariah status of the LVRJ?”

    Absolutely! Boycott!

    The responses from readers of this blog have been quite gratifying–about $900 so far in donations. Of course, the cheapest of the lawyers we have talked to charges $250/hour…