Thirdpower on Appleseed

Thirdpower gives an account of his recent Appleseed experience. The program he described sounds unequivocally positive. I suspect there is a good deal of variation in the program, depending in who’s running it, but if Thirdpower’s program is more the rule than the exception, there’s not much wrong with it.

One thought on “Thirdpower on Appleseed”

  1. I’ve not yet gone to an Appleseed shoot, but recently in Killeen, TX (near Ft Hood), I saw an amazingly high production value billboard for the program. This was legit- as professional as any billboard I’ve seen.

    I thought until recently that Appleseed was the sort of thing that lived only in the Shotgun News and Backwoodsman. Awesome that momentum seems to be really picking up.

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