PA Liquor Gestapo Strikes Again

This time raiding a gun club and a firehouse, who have been selling alcohol to members without a liquor license, a practice I cam promise you they have been doing for a loong time. Gun club was probably a member looking to get even with someone for a transgression.

Yes, some shooting clubs have bars. Every one I’ve been to or heard about has procedures in place that if you’re coming to socialize (i.e. drink) you get flagged and can’t enter the firing ranges.

But let me just say I am so glad that crime in this state is under such firm control that the State Police have the resources rid our society of the scourge of unregulated liquor sales. Clearly this gun club and firehouse were sending drunk people onto the streets by the hundreds to poop on lawns, puke on the sidewalks, and pass out in the azaleas.

Note this part they are speaking of at the end:

Kriedeman said club licenses, other than those issued to veterans organizations, are issued as long as a vacancy exists in the county. Club licenses can be obtained through purchase or transfer if a vacancy does not exist. Veterans organizations can receive liquor licenses even if there are no vacancies.

See, in Pennsylvania, we ration liquor licenses. Each county only has a certain number available, so if you want one, you have to wait for some other establishment to give theirs up. Given the hassle, it’s no wonder some private organizations just take their chances. Perhaps it’s time to consider making liquor licenses more freely available in Pennsylvania, like they are in most other states? This has impeded the restaurant business in this state for years.

4 thoughts on “PA Liquor Gestapo Strikes Again”

  1. Wow. I didn’t know that Stalin is alive and well and living in PA. My condolences.

  2. Assuming that a prospective bar owner can even get his hands on a license (which can cost many thousands of dollars to purchase), he would still have to deal with the prohibitionist set complaining to zoning boards and the like. Every time a bar is planned or a grocery store wants to sell six-packs of beer, I have to hear about prohibitionists complaining about how it’ll all lead to drunken teenagers and anarchy on the roads. Our gun laws are decent, but our liquor laws are a disgrace.

  3. I admit that I have very little respect for our Militarized revenue collectors in blue but when is enough enough? Even the police have to recognize that raids like this are ridiculous.

    When do the police say “NO, we won’t enforce these stupid laws any more”? Will they ever? I am afraid they won’t.

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