4 thoughts on “Good to see those new Irish gun control laws …”

  1. I liked this line:

    “If kidnappers, extortionists and burglars could be surveyed by, say, the Economic and Social Research Institute, they would probably say that recession has forced them to intensify their activities. ”

    See, it isn’t that they are choosing to engage in crime. They’re forced to engage in crime. Apparently, these criminals are really victims… :-\

    I mean, I could understand — not condone, but understand — petty theft, larceny, etc. in a recession, especially of daily household goods like food or medicine (although as I understand it, the UK has a pretty extensive safety net for those sorts of things…). But crimes against the person? Kidnapping? Armed robbery? Really? Methinks they have confused the victim with the perp.

  2. Thanks for posting this piece which I probably would have missed, otherwise. This quote from the Herald (Ireland) article you commented on and cited is particularly wimpy: “…more must be done to bring to account the people engaged in these despicable acts.”
    More must be done. Let’s change that passive verb to the active verb, “to hang.” Hang them. Execute your murderers.
    But, lacking the will to execute the murderers, they have more murder–even with strict gun control.
    The next most pathetic quote: “It is a shocking state of affairs that gunmen feel free to strike indiscriminately in crowded public areas.”
    Shocking? Hardly. You throw your law-abiding people into jail for arming themselves. See, for reference, “Chicago” to see the result of strict gun control.
    The editorial writer seems to be verging on questioning his country’s gun control but he just can’t seem to bring himself to say it.

  3. It think “gun law reigns” was meant to imply “law of the gun (as in, he who has one) reigns” as opposed to “the reign of gun laws”.

    Which, really, makes more sense given the rest of the tone of the article.

  4. And, just read the second.

    “the growth of a cold-blooded gun culture”… still blaming the technology for the culture, I see.

    Glad that newspapers are generally consistent everywhere.

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