Corbett Sympathetic to Free Market Wine and Liquor

Saying selling off the state liquor monopoly must be on the table has endeared us to Tom Corbett on one other issue. Bitter outlines some of the reasons why on price, noting that Hawaii’s generally expensive nature doesn’t translate to liquor prices due to their free market system. She also notes that people that have tried the PALCB’s ridiculous wine kiosk system won’t be trying it again. It’s a system only a bureaucrat would love.

Pennsylvanians are tired of having to go out of state to find a reasonable wine and liquor selection. The time to privatize the state liquor monopoly is now. Corbett isn’t the first gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania to promise it, but hopefully he can be the first to deliver.

8 thoughts on “Corbett Sympathetic to Free Market Wine and Liquor”

  1. Since I don’t drink, I’m not 100% familiar with Utah’s alcohol laws, although it’s my understanding that people justifiably think they are weird. After reading about that wine kiosk system, I have to come to this conclusion: Utah isn’t the only state with weird liquor laws! Indeed, Utah might not be the weirdest state, for that matter…

    Of course, those who complain about Utah’s laws make it seem like Utah is the “odd one out”.

  2. Me and my wife were driving from Hershey Park to visit with some friends in Maryland for dinner before we continued on back home in NC. We wanted to stop and get a bottle of wine to have with our dinner. Little did I realize at the time how byzantine the laws were in PA. Ended up waiting until we crossed the border.

  3. Costco’s involved in Washington State’s beer/wine/liquor law revision drive, they might be interested in breaking into the PA market…

  4. LOL that kiosk business is strange.

    Here in NH the state has the liquor sales with state run stores, but beer and wine can be sold in markets or convenience stores. Only restriction is the cashier checks your age.

    Ironically in the state run liquor stores, the prices are far below the bordering states/country. So much so that people travel far out of their way to come here to buy Booze.

    Recently Mass upped it’s taxes, to include liquor beer and wine. The following weekend a state rep that voted for the tax increase was spotted in an NH state liquor store with house plates and was photographed. Made the news for about 2 weeks.

  5. Costco supported Initiative 1100 in WA to the tune of over $500k. Judging from recent polls, the liquor ‘control’ state in WA will be gone in mid 2011.

    I believe even Utah liberalized some of their antiquated liquor laws recently.

  6. Can you clarify, “The time to privatize the state liquor monopoly is now.” ?

    It sounds like you’re saying there still ought to be monopoly. It would be better to just let licensed stores, bars, and restaurants serve alchol. If they can abide by the drinking laws, collect the taxes, and make a living doing it, let ’em!!

    1. He’s saying the state monopoly needs to be disbanded and rather than having state stores, liquor and wine should be sold by private businesses. It’s not that hard to read.

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