Short Film Recommendation

What could be cooler than tactical bunnies shooting terrorist camels? Clearly the Japanese don’t have the racial issues we do here. But I just watched this and it looks fun. Blackhawk down with bunnies, basically. It’s called Cat Shit One. Here’s the trailer.

I’m not sure where you can buy this, or even if it’s available in the US, but presumably it will be. Resourceful people can probably find it.

11 thoughts on “Short Film Recommendation”

  1. It’s episode one of a series that just started airing.

    If you search around for “Cat shit one” and “apoalypse meow” you can find the original comic book (manga) version of this, which was set in vietnam using the same characters.

    The US guys are rabbits because it’s a japanese pun. The word for rabbit is apparently “usagi” which when romanized spells USA GI. The terrorists are camels because, um, yeah.

  2. Nice! I’ve read Apocalypse Meow before. Too bad youtube pulled the vid, it might get people interested in the show. Way to force people into torrenting it, youtube!!

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