How Many FFLs Are There?

ATF is publishing the whole list now. It would seem to exclude type 03 (C&R) FFLs. But the number is a bit north of 60,000. Josh Sugarmann is in there.

6 Responses to “How Many FFLs Are There?”

  1. J Richardson says:

    Reading the DC list was interesting. The Shakespeare Theater and the Washington Drama Club both have 01 FFL? What is with that?

    And why does BATFE even need a FFL? Can you imagine their inspection of themselves? Jeez.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Probably so they can receive firearms in Washington DC under a theatrical exemption. BATFE needs one because law enforcement isn’t exempt from all provisions of GCA.

  3. Shawn says:

    And a couple decades back it was over 4 times more wasn’t it?

  4. MicroBalrog says:

    Obviously that doesn’t matter. We’re winning, after all. :)

  5. Diomed says:

    There’s definitely room for growth in the destructive device market in VA…