Making a Statement

McCarthy pretty much admits she’s just lashing out at the NRA:

“I am making a statement. I will never forget why I am here. This is a push back to the NRA.”

Her bill makes it a felony to fail to report a lost or stolen firearm with 24 hours of discovery. You could spend a year in jail and have to pay a 1/4 million dollar fine. Your life would essentially be over, and you would be a prohibited person… all for being the victim of a crime.

7 thoughts on “Making a Statement”

  1. Carolyn McCarthy isn’t a victim. She’s an opportunist who has ridden the corpse of her dead husband into a position of power by blaming all gun owners for the acts of a single deranged, paranoid, man who wanted to kill as many white people as possible.

    If anything she should be working towards the goal of immigration restriction (see ‘Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome’) — yet her grades on that front are just as abysmal as her NRA ranking.

  2. Does she have any credibility left after the infamous “shoulder thing that goes up” comment?

  3. “And her odds of being re-elected are…?”

    Pretty damn good, since she’s a representative from New York.

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