Crazed gunman brings the crazy

If you don’t have CNN on next to you; here’s what’s happening at Discovery Channel HQ. Short of it – One James Lee allegedly stormed into the lobby of Discovery Channel HQ with metallic canisters strapped to him and waving a handgun around. (Link to a live blog – most recent at top)

His brand of nuttiness seems to be “environmentalism”; claiming that the channel that brings you Whale Wars needs to “stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants.”

Another “bitter clinger”, apparently.

(Also, side note: Sebastian, no Whale Wars category?)

UPDATE: Shot to death per AP via Yahoo. Bomb did detonate, no other injuries.

9 thoughts on “Crazed gunman brings the crazy”

  1. Bat. Shit. Crazy.

    What I don’t get is why he’s anti-war–war is a very effective means of reducing the human population, no? Seems like he should be for that. But then again, he strikes me as a bit mental.

  2. Can’t claim credit for this nugget of wisdom…. but what the hell…..


  3. “Religious whacko storms Discovery HQ, demands they convert at gunpoint!”

    Won’t be seeing that on the 11’o’clock news

  4. I’m not a big fan of Kate Plus Eight or Octomom, but this guy’s taken it a little too far…

  5. Fun. Glad I don’t workk there anymore.

    I read and heard he was pissed off that DCI wasn’t doing enough to protect the environment. If he had an issue with “Whale Wars”, I suspect it was because he felt Discovery wasn’t doing more to help those idiot vigilante pirates in protecting whales.

    Yes, Discovery own Animal Planet. Along with a whole bunch of other networks. TLC, Science Channel, Military Channel, BBC America, to name a few.

    What got me was employees apparently had gotten an e-mail to stay at their desks. My desk was on the 3rd floor not far from the lobby. Screw that! I would have been up, taken a hard right and been down the stairway leading towards the Metro side exit before I’d finished scrolling. Especially given later the radio said they had moved the employee to the top floor for safety. Great…herd us upstairs with no exit to die. That is one order I would have disobeyed. Job be damned. I knew every stairwell in that building and where they went. I would have used one and dealt with the cops on the other end.

    For those who don’t know: DCI, like most companies, had a strict “no weapons” policy and was largely redundant since Maryland is a “may issue” state and no one but the special few can carry. So I would have been disarmed twice. Once by corporate fiat and once by state law.

  6. Oof. Glad you weren’t there, Matt. I don’t understand the point of telling everyone to go upstairs. Going up means you run out of places to run, and any hostile who happens by an unlocked workstation and sees the email knows where to go for a target-rich environment. And don’t think there wouldn’t be unlocked workstations after reading *that* email.

    On a personal note, BTW, thanks for teaching my wife to shoot a couple of years back – I wouldn’t be a gun owner without that.

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