11 thoughts on “I Think We Should Shoot More”

  1. They are a little greasy, but someone should have taken them a cooked them. I know many people who would have slow roasted them and fed on them.

  2. Whoever did this deserves a medal.

    There should an unlimited open season on non-migratory geese in NJ. My kids despise them because they know a thick level of crap will be found wherever the birds hang out.

    The office park I work at employees a man / dog team to chase them away. They should shot for being the health and aviation hazards they are. I would be glad to lend a hand.

  3. SayUncle said:

    doesn’t the state of NJ gas them?

    But you don’t understand. They are the government, which means they know better than you how to do everything. It’s the same mentality that allows them to make morally corrupt laws that do not allow law-abiding people to defend themselves while they (the state) have no legal obligation to protect us.

    NJ sucks.

  4. Didn’t I read some 5 years ago that migratory geese’s numbers are over 1.5 million a year? That is a lot of droppings from above.

  5. Another case of worshiping the creature rather than the Creator. I’ll bet you wouldn’t get 5 years or $15000 for shooting a human being in NJ – unless of course it was in defense of your property; then they’d throw the book at you!

  6. The penalty may be federal – I had been given to understand that as international migratory waterfowl Canadian Geese were federally protected.

    Teh geese get no sympathy from me, though – we had them all over my last residence’s parking lot until the new management company sprang for someone to come out with some dogs. The geese get driven off by being herded, the dogs get a workout.

  7. I think I had some at a Vietnamese restaurant in Fremont once – it was gamey and tough.
    They’re a non-native, non-migratory, invasive species that’s all-over ALL the golf-courses, and football and baseball fields. A whole bunch hunker-down in the slough out by Moffett Field.
    If there’s an earthquake and foodstocks get low I know where to fetch supper.

  8. Miguel – the problem is non-migratory geese (the ones who can’t be bothered to fly back to Canada for the summer). They set themselves up like hobos in parks, lawns, and airport runways – and never leave.

  9. You said that “only in the Garden State would this be considered a heinous crime, rather than a public service”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be considered a heinous crime in New York State as well. While living there, I remember a controversy where one city wanted to gas a lot of problem geese; instead, some activists went and frightened them off with dogs.

    If I remember correctly, shortly afterwards another city all of the sudden had problems with geese…

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