Gun Control Donations

Jacob notes that Gillibrand has received the most amount of gun control money. So far it looks like only McCarthy and Gillibrand have gotten serious money from the Brady PAC. I guess they want to ensure her conversion over to the dark side sticks. One of the great ironies of the 2008 elections is the Bradys dumped most of their PAC money into the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Considering the Senate Democrats have been remarkably pro-gun, I’m guessing they aren’t feeling too good about that expenditure right now.

But the real telling story is that the Brady PAC has only raised 2500 this cycle so far, and from a single donor. By contrast, NRA has raised $12,233,649 so far this cycle, from a quite large donor base. That’s almost 5000:1. Hell, even GOA’s very sad PAC has out-raised the Brady PAC by almost 28:1.

In the two big sources of political power, money and votes, the Bradys can no longer bring either of them to the table. And they wonder why Obama isn’t paying attention to them. No wonder Dennis Henigan is a sad panda.

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  1. $1000 donation for a Congressional candidate really isn’t considered serious money in New York. I’ve given that to countywide candidates. It won’t buy them any special attention.

  2. Why do you think it would be illegal? Just because someone is involved with an organization doesn’t mean that they lose their right to donate.

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