Political Donations

John Lott tells us who gives more political donations, the NRA or MoveOn.org.  It’s not even close.  NRA-PVF donated 11 million, and MoveOn.org donated 27 million in the 2006 election cycle.  It’s important to note that PVF is a PAC that is separate from NRA proper.  Money from NRA can’t be used to fund PVF; PVF being entirely dependent on donations from NRA members to operate.

Much of NRA’s power in Washington has to do with the votes it can bring to the table.  Money matters in politics, but votes matter more.  Indeed, money is only really useful in the sense that it helps get votes.

2 thoughts on “Political Donations”

  1. I don’t understand the comparison though—the NRA is a single issue lobby. MoveOn is not.

  2. To some degree, it’s not really a valid comparison, but NRA is generally regarded as the first or second most powerful lobbying group in Washington, vying with AARP.

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