Chicago PD Permit Process

Now described on their web site. I would note that there is 5 pages of forms to fill out in order to legally register a firearm, and also with that five hours of training. They’ll also fingerprint you at the time of the application. I would also note they only appear to be open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30pm each day. Good luck getting your permit if you have a job. Better luck if you’re poor and can’t afford to take a day off. Daley is a snake.

UPDATE From the comments:

Also note that currently the permit requires the license number of the State certified instructor.  That particular ‘license’ from the IL Dept of Professional Regulation (DPR) has no number, so the form cannot be completed even if one has the requisite training from a certified instructor.

I’m sure Daley will get that worked out after a few more expensive and time consuming lawsuits.

UPDATE: Also from the comments, apparently Daley thinks people with 20/50 corrected vision, which could still see an attacker and aim safely at typical self-defense distances, don’t have a Second Amendment right.

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  1. Still looks better than what those folks on Long Island go through. They have the permit and fingerprinting process followed by a personal interview to determine if you should get one. Then they get your employer and spouse or parents to sign off followed by 6-7 month wait. All for the card that will allow you to touch a handgun.

    Let the McDonald lawsuits fly.

  2. Also note that currently the permit requires the license number of the State certified instructor. That particular ‘license’ from the IL Dept of Professional Regulation (DPR) has no number, so the form cannot be completed even if one has the requisite training from a certified instructor.

  3. 6.2 If a firearm is lost, missing or stolen, the person shall file a police report immediately.

    When did Chicago enact a lost or stolen ordinance?

  4. My quick review shows they want social security numbers. They do not indicate what for, which is a violation of the Privacy Act. To wit;

    The Privacy Act regulates the use of SSNs by government agencies. When a federal, state, or local government agency asks an individual to disclose his or her SSN, the Privacy Act requires the agency to inform the person of the following: the statutory or other authority for requesting the information; whether disclosure is mandatory or voluntary; what uses will be made of the information; and the consequences, if any, of failure to provide the information.

    Also they are giving current handgun owners 90 days to register guns they own now. The Chicago Police have not released their “safe gun” list. So someone that registers a gun now, at a cost of $200 ± could find the handgun is not on the list and risks it being confiscated at some point in the future. That is IF CPD ever actually is so stupid as to promulgate a list of “safe handguns”.

  5. Many of these things are tactical moves by the anti-gunners. They want to get parts of their agenda upheld so they can push them as constitutional measures.

  6. Lost or Stolen became effective 7.12.2010 with the rest of the ordinance.

  7. I noted that at the bottom of the permit forms there is a box labeled “Vision Check” wonder what the requirements for that one are? 20/10?

  8. Vision requirement is per driver’s license, which is correctable to 20/40. Proof of 20/40 or better is only needed if one does not have a DL.

  9. I’m 20/40 uncorrected, and I can still aim a gun and fire it without glasses safely enough for self-defense purposes. That’s a bullshit requirement.

  10. 20/40 uncorrected is all that is required. I’m not defending the requirement, simply passing it along as some are speculating that 20/10 or whatever will be required.

  11. From the Chicago Sun-Times,,CST-NWS-gun13.article

    Police Supt Jody Weis says “The ordinance bars people from buying more than one handgun a month. Weis said there’s no restriction on spouses or relatives of felons buying guns and keeping them in the house where a felon resides.”

    Would not that put the felon in constructive possession of a firearm? Couldn’t the gun owner also be liable for a Federal violation?

  12. It could. I’ve heard if you have a prohibited person in the house you need to think about keeping them in a locked container the prohibited person does not have access to.

  13. The roster of ‘unsafe’ handguns is now available. I’m disappointed to find the Mosquito and P22 on the list.

  14. Re felon in possession: IIIRC, G. Gordon Liddy, famed felon of Watergate era, gave ownership of all his firearms to his wife, quite legally.

    Re the application: what business is it of Chicago to demand information on the race of a person attempting to exercise a constitutional right? Yeah, I know, I just wanted to see if anyone else laughed when they read that there are 7 racial codes, plus “Other” in Chicago. One drop of blood, etc. ad nauseum. Does my possible possession of 1/64 Gypsy genetics (sorry, Traveller…ooops, Romani) make me a protected minority?

  15. Discriminating against people with poor eyesight violates the American’s with Disabilities Act of 1990. So if they deny you on these grounds, congratulations on winning the Chicago Lottery, because now you can move to a less shitty city after you win your lawsuit.

  16. They get away with it for Driver’s Licenses so I guess they think they can defend it.

  17. Ah, but you only need a driver’s license to drive on public roads. You don’t need one to buy a car, own a car, or operate it on private property.

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