What is This Garbage?

I can’t believe this crap passes as reporting. Form the New York Times:

Fresh off a string of victories in the courts and Congress, the National Rifle Association is flexing political muscle outside its normal domain, with both Democrats and Republicans courting its favor and avoiding its wrath on issues that sometimes seem to have little to do with guns.

Issues that have little to do with guns? Supreme Court nominees, the Credit Card Bill (which had National Park Carry attached) and the DISCLOSE issues. They continue:

The N.R.A.’s expanding portfolio is an outgrowth of its success in the courts, Congressional officials and political analysts said. With the Supreme Court ruling last month for the second time since 2008 that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to have a gun, the N.R.A. now finds that its defining battle is a matter of settled law, and it has the resources to expand into other areas.

Yeah, because the courts just settled everything. Time to move on! Read the whole thing. There’s actually an undercurrent of truth in what’s being reported here, it’s just that the reporter obviously does not really understand the politics of it completely. NRA is not broadening its agenda, in terms of expanding from being a single issue group. It’s broadening its strategy. That was necessary in order to work in this Congress, and now the Courts.

UPDATE: Looks like Chris Cox used an uncleism too. Well, an unclecommenterism that is.

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  1. IIRC, someone emailed the statement to Instapundit a few days ago, who posted it without knowing the origin (this was after the comment at SayUncle’s)

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