Daley’s Legacy

It’s pretty clear what he’d like it to be:

Chicagoans will hear from Mayor Richard Daley Monday for the first time since the election of his successor.

Daley and Congressman Mike Quigley were expected at a joint news conference about gun laws on the city’s West Side Monday morning.

Worried Rahm won’t be anti-gun enough? Doesn’t strike me as much of a worry, but pretty clearly Daley, even in retirement, still wants to make this an issue.

3 thoughts on “Daley’s Legacy”

  1. Oh, man, you have GOT to see the video. The local news in Chicago thought it was interesting enough that they hosted an unedited excerpt on their website:


    Daley pleads for the reporters to ask him a question “about gun violence” to no avail, until one finally steps up to lob the Mayor a softball. His visible relief turns to a near Full-Daley red-faced tantrum when she asks him what he thinks of the chances for right-to-carry legislation in Illinois this year!
    Hey, Mayor, you asked for it.

  2. Mayor Emanuel will be every bit as anti-gun as his predecessor.
    The only question will be whether he chooses to expend political capital on the topic early on.
    “Implacably” would be my choice of words for his anti-gun stance.
    The main bulwark of the Lakefront Libs these days is Speaker of the House Mike Madigan, who’s been successful at blocking citizen carry and every other rights reform for decades. His grip is not going to loosen much, but the hicks (Downstaters, as the more polite of the urbanites call them) are starting to rebel a bit on the gun law stuff.

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