Grip Panels for a 22/45

I noticed this very nice customization of a Ruger Mk.III 22/45 over at Tam‘s. I shoot Silhouette with my 22/45, and like everything about it except the grip. The angle isn’t the problem so much as my hands are too big for the puny grip. I beefed it up a bit with a houge rubber sleeve, but that doesn’t work as nicely. I like the idea of being able to put real wood grips on it.

2 thoughts on “Grip Panels for a 22/45”

  1. Ruger now makes them like that from the factory. Of course they released the new model after I dremeled mine up to install Houge grips.

    I might switch to wood since the rubber isn’t as firm as the wood. Although any new grips are a huge improvement on the plastic grip frame.

  2. Funny, one of my favorite things about my 22/45 is how slim the grip is! I have really tiny hands. I once tried a Glock and could barely reach the magazine release aven after canting the gun for a reload.

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