My Day Without State Government

Pennsylvania’s government is shut down except for essential personnel. Here’s how my day went. I got up, the sky was still blue. It was a hot day, but the AC in my car still worked. I drove to work, did all I needed to do there, came home to find UPS had delivered my new Houge grip sleeve for my Mk.III.

I got that placed on the gun, packed up, and went to the range. The laws of physics still appear to be operating, even though my shooting wasn’t so hot. The Houge sleeve made the pistol grip nicely at least. Picked up some dinner on the way home. Internet still functioning? Yep, despite a cable going bad earlier. Gotta do a few posts while I finish up my laundry, and then go to bed.

So what’s so different about today than any other day? Well, nothing. Rendell can piss off. If this is supposed to cause my grief so I can pass it on to my legislators he’s gravely mistaken. The only people he’s hurting are state employees.

2 thoughts on “My Day Without State Government”

  1. As long as PHL airport is running and operational during the shutdown I’m cool. I love government shutdowns. They let everybody know how useless they are.

    Forget all that political posturing about “oh, we can’t let it shut down because of all the services we’d have to go without.” Here’s the real reason why legislatures hate shutdowns: if things get shut down for too long people will get used to living without state government. And that is frightening to your average senator.

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