Kopel to Testify at Kagan Hearing

Glad to hear Dave will be up on the Hill before the Judiciary Committee. Dave is not a Board member, but is friendly among NRA circles. Tomorrow on Red State: “Chris Cox seen boarding a flight to Denver with leg irons and a roll of duct tape.”

One thought on “Kopel to Testify at Kagan Hearing”

  1. I want to point something out while these Kagan SCOTUS confirmation hearings are ongoing. Last summer, Sonia Sotomayor was going through similar SCOTUS confirmation hearings.

    Just like Kagan is doing now, Sotomayor paid lip service and danced around the hard questions regarding her views on the US Constitution and the second amendment. Sotomayor got the confirmation, but more recently she voted against our second amendment rights in the McDonald case.

    We can fully expect the same type of libtard activist judge, one who has nothing but disdain for the US Constitution and the second amendment, from Kagan too if she gets confirmed. It’s really a no brainer.

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