6 thoughts on “Passed the House”

  1. Knew this would happen. And from the looks of it will pass the senate as well. Oh, and when it does go to court I bet another justice will retire and it won’t be good or even neutral for us and will be upheld in scotus. After all the repubs probably won’t fillibuster it and there won’t be a single democrat voting against it. They only care about there jobs at this point and they know with this bill there opponents now no have the right of free speech.

  2. I am reading the bill and from what I saw (or did not see), the NRA did not get the exception and Bloggers-Twitter and even Facebook will have to shut up.

    Anybody want to check on this? I don’t do BS Legalese well.

  3. The NRA deserves major praise for having saved its members’ ability to have a voice. If the ship’s going down and everyone is at risk of drowning, you safe you and yours and wish the others well at saving themselves.

    The NRA did well in this situation, a situation brought to us by Obama and his crew, and Obama and his crew are the ones people should be venting their anger at.

  4. Quick, someone attach a Hughes Amendment repeal onto the DISCLOSE Bill, perhaps that’ll sink it…

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