DISCLOSE Voting Happening Soon

For once I am going to join with the Brady Campaign in opposing a piece of legislation in the form of the DISCLOSE act. The vote on DISCLOSE is going to be today. It’s important that we light up the switchboards if we want to stop this. You can find contact information here. It will be a huge embarrassment too Pelosi and the White House if this goes down to defeat.

4 Responses to “DISCLOSE Voting Happening Soon”

  1. Bitter says:

    And remember if you live in a far left district that you can word your statement of opposition so that they merely interpret that opposition is coming from the left.

    For any Oklahoma readers, please thank Rep. Boren who is apparently a no vote. I love the Borens.

  2. Shawn says:

    Problem is knowing the dems, the more opposition to it there is the more the dems will vote for it. It’s probably going to pass. And I’m not saying THIS particular version, maybe like health care where they re-did it a bunch of times. The obama camp are hellbent on shoving this down our throats, public opinion be damned.

    • Bitter says:

      That’s no reason not to call your Representative. The reason they are more squishy on this is because of the polling fallout after health care.

  3. J Richardson says:

    Time is of the essence as HR 5175 is currently being debated on the floor of the House.