Top Shot Update

We still don’t really know who Caleb is, but I still think that’s because we don’t need to really know who Caleb is yet. My speculation is that he probably did pretty decently. When they start featuring him, is when I’ll start to worry he’s going to get voted off the show.

Last night Bitter’s mom was up, who is a fan of Surviver, and likes Colby. She really liked the show, but noticed Caleb had a tear in his shorts when he was lounging outside. Sorry Caleb, you’re HDTV’s bitch:

I thought the challenge at the end, shooting while on a zip line, was pretty good. I definitely would have difficulty with something like that. Most of us have some shooting and moving experience, but not that kind of shooting and moving experience. I feel like the wrong guy was eliminated, however. So far I think the Red Team has a lot of talkers, while the Blue Team is working better together. The exception to that, so far, is Kelly, who I am rooting for on the Red Team.

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  1. I like Kelly as well, but I’m concerned that his skills along with his natural ability to quickly learn fundamentals (as he did last night with pistols) will continue to be seen as a threat by the other members of the team, as it was last week in the rifle challenge. His efforts then had little to do with the team’s failure, but he wound up in the elimination round anyway.

    As you said, there’s less politics and more teamwork on the Blue team, and it’s readily apparent. Even with their worst pistol shooter on the line, the Blue team made an impressive showing.

  2. lol caleb you didn’t notice it at that time after you got back to the house, NOR when you returned home!?!?!

  3. No, in fact I’m going to look at those shorts when I get home and see if that’s a rip or a shadow.

  4. I don’t think those qualify as pants anymore, Kevin. A hole that big makes that a skirt. (For those of you born with the wrong anatomy, a pro tip would be to sit with your legs together so these things aren’t seen.)

  5. I have officially reviewed the shorts in question, and they are without a doubt free of rips, tears, and remain uncomprimised in their structural integrity.

    1. As the resident seamstress of this blog, I do not find your photo convincing. I could make two pieces of cloth that are in no way connected sit together the way the shorts were posed for that photo.

  6. Well, since the whole internet knows that reality tv is just faked up anyway, clearly the editors use CGI to put what appears to be a hole in the crotch of my shorts.

  7. I have finally caught up via Hulu. I think it is a shame that Larry is gone as Brad is an excuse-maker. They have his ticket. Everyone did pretty well with that Beretta and some of them had hardly fired pistols before. Saying it is a difference in Glock and Beretta is a cop-out. It was also a good play to keep Blane out of the competition. I may watch it again and do a play by play on my blog. I haven’t decided.

  8. They have his ticket. Everyone did pretty well with that Beretta and some of them had hardly fired pistols before.

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