Gun Death Touted Again

Looks like the VPC is trying to smear Tennessee with the whole gun deaths meme. I notice that they only mention that gun deaths include suicides in passing, even though suicides represent the vast majority of their numbers. I did some analysis of violent crime compared to Brady state ranking a while back and found no correlation between Brady Grade and the levels of violent crime. VPC is trying to conflate the issue by arguing that more guns mean more gun deaths, when all they are showing is that in state with higher levels of gun ownership, more people choose to kill themselves with a gun. That’s not exactly shocking, and not exactly a compelling reason to limit access to guns. If you think about where government it leads — taking dangerous things away from people, because they might hurt themselves — it’s not a pretty place. Certainly not a free society. I don’t wish to live in a padded room. I suspect most other Americans don’t either.

3 thoughts on “Gun Death Touted Again”

  1. I recently read about a person in Russia who attempted to behead himself with a home-made guillotine. He didn’t entirely cut his head off (he didn’t sharpen the sheet metal), but he did die.

    His parents thought he was remodeling his closet.

    If we wanted to prevent suicides by keeping harmful things away from everyone, we have a very difficult task indeed!

  2. and again the made-up value of “Gun Death” because a ten-fold knife-death number juxtaposed with a zero “Gun Death” number is GOOD.

    Well unless you actually CARE about people.

  3. I’d bet there are more deaths due to car accidents among driver’s license holders than non-driver’s license holders.

    And did you hear this one? There are more lotto winners who bought lotto tickets than lotto winners who did not buy lotto tickets.


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