Jersey Legal AR

We would like to welcome Cemetery to the club, though we would seriously advise against trying to devise a black powder .223 load. I’d also note you can get 10 round Jersey legal magazines you can actually grab on to. Basically a blocked 20 rounder, which ought to be legal in the Garden State.

3 thoughts on “Jersey Legal AR”

  1. I just looked at that “Jersey legal” AR rifle.

    It’s still black and “military” looking, therefore quite scary to libturds for these reasons alone, so I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for some NJ Democrat and/or cryin’ Bryan Miller to decide that it ought to be banned in the Garden state.

  2. My understanding is that there is already a Jersey legal AR by Colt which basically is the AR-15 with the flash suppressor and bayonet lug chopped off, and New Jersey allows 15 round magazines.

  3. Permablocked mags are legal in NJ. (As are pinned stocks).

    I still want to take a bolt-action rifle and go to town with banned features, though – the feature list that the AG interpreted out of “51 named rifles and substantially similar” starts with “semi-automatic and no more than 2 features off the list” (One of which is detachable mags and the other is pistol grip). As long as it has an integral mag, by the law it’s good (this is not strictly a castle in the air – the shotgun magazine limit is 5 or so, IIRC, but a pump isn’t covered.

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