Time to Get Calling

We have another gun control bill coming up in Pennsylvania’s House Judiciary tomorrow. See here for contact information from the Committee. This is the bill that aims to close what the media has dubbed the “Florida Loophole.” If this passes, Pennsylvania will no longer recognize reciprocal licenses if you’re a resident of Pennsylvania.

It’s not uncommon for residents of Philadelphia to seek out the Florida license, because Philadelphia has an odious habit of revoking even for minor issues, like unpaid parking tickets, and has also been known to revoke if you’re the victim of a theft. Needless to say, given the problems we’ve had in Pennsylvania with Sheriffs and the City of Philadelphia abusing their discretion under the UFA when it comes to revoking permits, we can’t allow this to pass.

3 thoughts on “Time to Get Calling”

  1. Not PA-centric, but this is a big “get calling” day in the people’s republic of Massachusetts. The governor is applying pressure for the legislature to take up a “One Gun per Month” bill, and is close to getting his way.

  2. Why am I not surprised to see that Rep. Bryan Lentz is the sponsor of this bill. What the hell is wrong with Delaware County? Why do we continue to elect marxist drones like Lentz and Sestak? Do voters in DELCO hate the Constitution and individual liberty?

    Isn’t this idiot (Lentz) running for congress against Pat Meehan? Every gun owner needs to remember this fact in November.

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