Brady Campaign Backing Ethnic Cleansing as Visionary?

We’ve all heard by now the story of Helen Thomas making remarks indicating that she thinks Jews ought to leave Israel and go back to Germany and Poland:


A position I’m sure puts her in the good graces of Hamas and Hezbollah. Understandably she’s being dropped left and right, first by her speaking agency, and then even by a high school she was scheduled to speak at.

But remarkably silent in all this is the Brady Campaign, who recently honored Helen Thomas on the tenth anniversary of the Million Mom March:


Also note the praise heaped on Thomas in their Facebook page. She’s an angry old dinosaur of the old media, and it’s time for her to retire. If this is the kind of woman Brady wants to associate themselves with, it’s their own business, but I think it’s a mistake. We might not agree with the Bradys on much, but I’d like to think we can all agree that an endorsement of ethnic cleansing goes beyond what most reasonable people ought to accept. If she were on my side, I would repudiate her. Will the Bradys take back her “Visionary Award.”  Or do the Brady’s accept Helen Thomas as a true visionary, ethnic cleansing and all? We’ll see.

UPDATE: Helen Thomas is retiring. Good riddance! I’m going to guess this is a graceful way for Hearst to end the relationship.

4 thoughts on “Brady Campaign Backing Ethnic Cleansing as Visionary?”

  1. To some extent the Brady’s absolutely do support ethnic cleansing, since their policies have directly contributed to such events throughout history. It’s a part of their “vision,” and so I don’t expect they’ll do anything to distance themselves from her.

  2. Amazing…..

    Just another reason why the Brady Campaign is tumbling into nonexsistence…..

  3. I have been saying this for years….

    Liberals are really just a bunch of socialist, racist, nut-jobs who have moronic sheep as followers.

    Lets look at old lefty….

    lefty wants to put black people and less than desirable people in government sanctioned areas. As a matter of fact, grand master Senator Bryd was one of the first to back section 8 housing

    So did Hitler —- and yet they are both called ghetto

    Lefty wants you to give up your guns and only left the government have that privilege

    So did hitler

    Lefty secretly hates jews but allways says things like “its not about jews but rather everyone else”

    So did Hitler

    Lefty says “trust your government”

    so did Hitler

    3N2 to the lefty

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