Norway Killer Used Mini-14 and Glock 17

Apparently the Mini-14 was the “most military weapon allowed in Norway.” The pretext he used to get it was deer hunting. The irony is that a Mini-14 is not generally enough gun for hunting, though I don’t know, maybe deer are smaller in Norway.

In regards to the Glock 17:

Getting a permit for the pistol proved more difficult, as he had to demonstrate regular attendance at a sport shooting club.[21] He also bought 10 30-round magazines from a US supplier. In November, December and January he went through 15 training sessions at the Oslo Pistol Club, and by mid-January his application to purchase a Glockpistol was approved.

We’ve seen this before. Mass killers seem to be willing to jump through whatever hoops you put in front of them. He even went to Prague in an attempt to illegally obtain firearms, but was unsuccessful. Sounds like he wanted specifically an AK-47, and I guess didn’t realize the Czech equivalent is this rifle.

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  1. I know a few guys who have bagged some pretty big deer in Maine with Mini-14s.

    According to one guy if you use soft points its more than adequate.

    I can’t speak one way or another. I will say that in Maine big bucks run between 125 and 200lbs which is about the same size as an adult human, so any military cartridge will work on white tails.

  2. It seems like the club/training requirement actually led to him being a better mass-murderer. If he wasn’t forced to train and practice to get his permit he probably wouldn’t have been as good of a shot.

  3. The handguard on the Mini-14 is rather distinct, and while its appearance is similar on other models in the Ruger Ranch Rifle family, the shape of the magazine in that picture suggests that it is not a Mini-30.

  4. The 7.62×39mm is similar to a 30-30; same size bullet, just a hair slower. I’ve seen the 30-30 used successfully on elk, but it is not recommended unless you’re close and a good shot.

  5. Regarding the “hunting rifle” classification of a .223Rem Mini-14, keep in mind that over here in Europe, hunters usually represent the biggest firearms owners group.

    In most (it not all) UE countries you have to show “need” to get a firearm: hunting, target shooting or personal / professional defense.

    In France, Germany and most other European countries, hunters represent usually the biggest group and historically had some leverage to get relaxed laws on “their” guns. That’s why you get some inconsistent firearms categories based on stupid criteria…

    Long weapon (shotguns, rifles) might be considered “hunting rifles” and hence be slightly easier to buy than handguns which are considered “defense weapons” with magical powers that justify stricter control …

    In France to some extend you have the same “process” albeit with tighter laws: you can get bolt actions/lever actions rifles (30-30, .338 LM, .300WM, …) with no background check as they are considered “hunting rifles” while handguns are considered “defensive weapons” only available to target shooter and security professionals (armored vans personnel) after an extensive background check and with prior training…

    By the way the VZ58 is a sweet little rifle ! Works flawless. Most parts are milled (except for the back cover which is stamped) and you can get surplus rifles for two thirds of the price of a Glock.

    Got mine two weeks ago ! That commie rifle stands next to my capitalist M4gery (Sabre Defense). I’ll get a Swiss (neutral !) SG-553 in a few weeks to make sure no war breaks out in my safe. :-)

  6. Whee, another chance to break out my favorite Archie Bunker quote. In response to his daughter breathlessly telling him the statistics on murders committed with ..knives: “would it make you feel better, little girl, if they was pushed outta windows?”

  7. Lawrence

    Yep, that is a Ruger Mini14 rifle in the picture. I recognized it a few days ago when that picture first came to widespread attention. The gas-block, handguard, and receiver of the Mini14 is very distinctive and can be seen in the picture despite the blizzard of gadgets and gizmos attached to the rifle.

    Odds are the weapon in that picture, is the murder weapon, the so-called “automatic weapon”.

  8. Yeah, absolutely a mini. The left side of the receiver, the re-tooled mini front sight with protective blades. Appears to be the blued ranch rifle with wood stock, which might make some sense since sans twenty or thirty round mags it looks pretty much like your traditional hunting rifle. Same reason it was excepted from most if not all US assault weapon bans (the federal one and various state ones). No evil features. That and Bill Ruger’s political maneuvers on the matter.

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