Someone to Vouch for McCarthy’s Opponent

Looks like John Richardson knows the guy running against Carolyn McCarthy. She’s looking more an more vulnerable, and I’m really salivating over the possibility of getting her out. Brady has raised very little federal PAC money in the 2010 cycle. I think their only donations have been incidental. Of the approximately 4700 dollars they have spent, McCarthy has been the only person in Congress Brady has donated to at the 1000 dollar level, and only one of two candidates getting that much this cycle. They are busy raising money for their Illinois PAC, however, and this indicates that this election they are just trying not to lose more ground. There’s a very good chance that Illinois is going to flip from anti to pro in the next election.

UPDATE: Jacob, in the comments, points out that he voted along with Bloomberg on colored guns. That certainly doesn’t speak well for him, but all I need from him at this point is just to be better than Carolyn McCarthy. I’ll worry about rolling the dice again with him later.

2 thoughts on “Someone to Vouch for McCarthy’s Opponent”

  1. Two things:

    First, historically the problem with McCarthy’s challengers is that they have been little more than cannon-fodder. The GOP has refused to give her a serious opponent. It remains to be seen how serious Becker is as McCarthy’s current decline in popularity comes not anything Becker has done, but from public displeasure with her funny money activities.

    Second, on guns, while Becker was in the Nassau Co. legislature he voted in favor of a local law to prohibit the possession of colored handguns (including blue ones.) This was done at the request of Mayor Bloomberg.

  2. We are hopeful. Things are changing in the legislature and Bill Brady is showing strong. The wife and I are knocking on doors this weekend.

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