Wilson Becomes Number 33

Max Nacheman, paid representative of MAIG sent by New York City Mayor Bloomberg to screw with your gun rights in Pennsylvania, is at it again, but at least we got one guy up there to complain about it. That’s thirty three towns they’ve passed this crap in now. How long before they start bringing this crap to Harrisburg? Gun owners in Pennsylvania need to wake up. We need more than just one guy showing up when Bloomberg’s paid stooge comes to town.

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  1. You have to take out at least one of the local proponents of these bills/resolutions and make an example out of them. Until you can show that there is a direct consequence at the ballot box from gun owners for doing this there is no reason for it to stop. In fact, the longer it goes on the worse you all look.

  2. Yes, I know Jacob. That’s easier said than done. You’ve organized gun owners. You know how most of them don’t want to do shit.

  3. The anti-gun scheme of going after cities first, and then using that momentum to strike for statewide legislation is an old trick. The “Legal Community Against Violence” http://www.lcav.org/ is a California based anti-gun organization of lawyers. They used that same strategy in their successful effort to push a California ban on so-called “Saturday night specials”, back in the mid 1990’s.

    LCAV called their legislative vehicle a ban on “unsafe handguns”, and they began their campaign in ultra liberal West Hollywood. Once they got that city to go along they went after other California cities. They were very successful in getting cities to pass their ordinance because local pro-gun forces usually only heard about it in the local paper after the ordinance had already passed.

    That was the case in my city, almost! I saw in the paper that my city was going to vote on the issue that very same day. That was the first I had heard that my city was even considering the issue. Then began my little adventure.

    I knew all about the West Hollywood ordnance (and even had a photo copy at home), so I already knew what to expect in my city. My supervisor allowed me to take some time off work and I rushed to the council meeting after making extra photo copies of the West Hollywood ordinance. The anti-gun mayor of my city was the jackal who tried to con his fellow council members to adapt the ordinance without revealing all that entailed or what was at stake statewide. During my two minute address to the council I revealed to them the truth.

    The council was quite grateful for the copies of the West Hollywood ordinance and shocked at how extreme it truly was. But even more shocked was the mayor who challenged how I had gotten copies of the ordinance he was proposing. The council even voted it down! Not that it made any difference in the long run since the State passed the law anyway within a year. But in California you savor what small victories come your way, and I did.

    It wouldn’t surprise me it LCAV was advising or otherwise aiding the anti-gun campaign of MAIG. Might be worth looking into.

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