One disappointment about the NRA Annual Meeting for the past few years has been the lack of protesters. Nothing draws a community together like being vilified and protested. The Brady folk have been touting a few events that make me think we might just have some this year. Neither looks protest oriented. The Federalist Society Debate will be with Alan Gura, and the second event doesn’t look much like a protest, but I’m sure if the turnout is big enough it could turn into one.

But even if the other side is more content talking among themselves, there’s also the possibility we’ll be having a protest form our own side, over the carry nonsense. Just imagine if those people would show up in Raleigh where their protest might actually make a difference in changing the law. But why direct your righteous indignation at the proper targets when you can get a little NRA hating going?

It’s going to be fun, that’s for sure!

7 thoughts on “Protesters?”

  1. There hasn’t been a good protest since Pittsburgh. St. Louis doesn’t count as good since they were paid by AHSA. I considered them to be props for the presser they hosted. In Milwaukee, I went to the protest and couldn’t find it. Until I realized it was one woman talking to anyone who would stop for a second in a park.

  2. Wow.

    One guy says he might wear an empty holster as he attends the event and another says he might hold a sign outside.

    Yup…sounds like a huge protest is brewing.

    I love the way you dismiss the issue as “nonsense”. Nothing like playing from the anti-gunner’s play book.

    And you wonder why minor disagreements like this can get contentious.

  3. Sailorcurt, why on earth shouldn’t he dismiss nonsense as “nonsense?” You talk about it as if it’s a bad thing.

  4. How to look like a dumbass … and be sure to gain some flattering media attention …

    Protest at an NRA convention, against the NRA, for having the gall to hold their meeting at a convention hall that bans the carry of handguns.

    Methinks such a protester might better spend their energy elsewhere. Methinks I am not alone in that opinion, either.

    There was once a saying about some person, who gave another person a horse, and the other person looked at the horse’s teeth to ensure it was a good enough horse. Ha!

  5. Gentlemen (and lady),

    As I’ve seen this topic discussed ad nauseum, the only immediate fault I an find with the NRA is that they’ve demonstrated a failure to communicate.

    The bigger picture is that maybe the NRA just doesn’t realize how important carrying a firearm is to a significant segment of their membership. An empty holster protest would make that clear,

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