Whipping Up a Non-Existent War

The Delco Times, my home town paper, I suppose you could call it, is busy making CeaseFire PA out to be more than it really is:

One of CeaseFirePA’s advertisements featured a letter to Meehan, a former U.S. attorney and Delaware County district attorney. The letter in the ad was written by Mike Carroll, former president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

There’s also a quote by someone rumored to be a reader around these parts:

“I recognize the decision for him is a tough one, but I support what he did,” said McMonigle, also a member of the Firearms Owners Against Crime. “Pat Meehan understands that the Second Amendment supports law abiding citizens having the right to arm themselves. Pat Meehan also understands that right doesn’t stop at state borders. I’m still a law abiding citizen in the United States of America.”

Good representation there, Dan. As for Nacheman, he’s a paid stooge, and if there’s any evidence that CeaseFire PA is anything more than a couple of people, and a paid stooge, I haven’t seen it. Looks like Casey and Toomey don’t want to comment, which is the smart move. Why bother giving the Delco Times more ammunition to whip this into more of a controversy than it really is? It’s only a controversy because Max Nacheman pitched it to you, and the media is gullible and sympathetic.

2 thoughts on “Whipping Up a Non-Existent War”

  1. I am happy to see that calling and nagging the newspaper paid off! At least we get a local spin opportunity, versus CeaseFire and the dreaded Police Chiefs association.(Who supposedly take an oath to uphold the Constitution)
    I found it amazing that Meehan’s office and I both used similar statements of fact. (Not set up in any way!) Like I always say, the TRUTH will triumph!

  2. Don’t be too hard on Nacheman, now. Just remember that the guy clearly has a soft spot for losing issues. At least that’s what I’m assuming since all of the campaigns he was brought in to work from Jersey ended up losing. :)

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