Looks Like Cody Wilson Could be Going to Jail

Breaking news, it seems:

The affidavit said a counselor called Austin police on Aug. 22 to report that a girl under the age of 17 told her she had sex with a 30-year-old man on Aug. 15 and was paid $500.

In a forensic interview on Aug. 27, the girl told authorities that she created an account on SugarDaddyMeet.com, and began exchanging messages with a man who used the username “Sanjuro,” the affidavit said.

The pair messaged online, then began exchanging text messages.

“During this conversation, ‘Sanjuro’ identified himself as ‘Cody Wilson.’ Victim said that ‘Sanjuro’ described himself to the victim as a ‘big deal,’ ” the affidavit said.

Sanjuro? Really? Even Anthony Weiner came up with better names for his alter egos. If there’s anything that all sides can agree on, it’s that Cody Wilson has more panache than using a name like Sanjuro.

According to the document, Wilson sent the girl images of his penis, and she sent him nude photos of herself.

Why does everyone and their mother send dick pics these days? You know what I’ve never ever done? Send a dick pic. If this is true, he could be screwed on the pictures alone if she was under 18. The age of consent in Texas is 17, and federally the pictures are a problem if she’s under 18.

This is disappointing. There are very serious First and Second Amendment issues at the heart of what Cody Wilson is doing, and this will seriously complicate things. But this issue is bigger than Wilson, and it will come to the front one way or another.

UPDATE: Just as SAF announces they are expanding their lawsuit to include Pennsylvania’s AG and Governor, among other state pols as well.

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  1. What’s wrong with Sanjuro per se?

    It’s a great character and a good movie.

    (Yojimbo was better, but hey.)

  2. That is really disappointing. I don’t agree with him on a lot of things, but I liked that he was pushing this issue.

    1. I had two opinions about Cody Wilson which I still think are true:

      1. He’s a narcissistic egomaniac who thinks the rules that apply to other mere mortals don’t apply to him.
      2. As a showman and provocateur, he is a great talent.

      These allegations fit that profile. Though I am willing to believe he had no idea the chick in question was underaged.

  3. If he really abused a child, as far as I’m concerned they can draw and quarter him. However, I’m reserving judgment till more information comes out. There have been too many conservative men caught up in conveniently timed sex related charges lately. From what I’m hearing the website in question claims to verify their user’s ages so it sounds like she might have been misrepresenting herself, which changes things dramatically from an ethical, if not legal, perspective. I’ll treat this like a mass shooting where everything in the early reports is probably wrong.

    1. “There have been too many conservative men caught up in conveniently timed sex related charges lately.”

      Conservatives have a track record of not understanding things like consent. Remember Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment?

  4. Wow. This is a fast developing story.

    Apparently the crime is just underage sex.

    Yet many stories have popped up insinuating violent rape.

    And whats even weirder is a bunch of stories all popped up within an hour of the charging documents being filed in court! The document is dated 9AM September 19th.

  5. So they sent an underage girl out to entrap him? Typical tactics of these people.

    Ya know, when you’ve successfully and publicly kicked the Deep State in the nether regions, you stick to dating cougars and MILFs for a while … or better yet just stay home with the Jergens and some tissues.

    1. Uh, even if she was 18 – what 30 year old guy is trying to pick up 18 year olds online. And sugardaddy.com?? Seriously? Can you even be a sugardaddy at 30? I always thought sugardaddy’s were 70 year old guys. a thirty year old?!?!?!?

      1. I don’t think it was entrapment or a set-up. One of the reports I read indicated the counseling that this came up in had ties to CPS. If this girl is in the system, she’s probably pulled all sorts of stunts to rebel and get into trouble. Let’s face it, turning to prostitution at 16 does not exactly scream “stable and fully functional decision-making ability” to most people. It doesn’t justify her actions at all, but it does explain why a) she may have been doing this on her own, and b) why it so easily came out in a session with a mandated reporter (shock value knowing that she won’t get in trouble).

        As for the status of sugar daddies, I think a general definition would be outside of the general range of normal dating ranges and a transfer of money or valuable gifts in exchange for such “companionship.” That said, I would think that a 30-year-old using the site given the connotations would be suspicious since it hardly seems to fit the sugar daddy definition if you’re picking up 21-year-olds at at 30.

        I would assume that if they ever bring him back to the US, there’s a reasonable chance they may slap on some extra “easy” charges just to convict on at least the soliciting-related side of things. (Clearly he wasn’t using the sugar daddy site for long-term companionship hunting if they got out of the car at 8:35pm and called for its return at 9:17pm.) Not to mention, the easy charge of possession of child porn for her nudes sent to his phone.

    2. And he sent dick pics. Here’s a clue – don’t send dick pics.
      Maybe I’m too old fashioned, but who does that???

      1. It’s a millenal thing. I don’t get it either. It is useful as an example of where the old saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” doesn’t apply.

  6. I’d note that you have to be 18 to belong to the site in question, which means she lied about her age. I believe it’s strict liability in Texas, so that won’t help. Not that I agree with strict liability… they should have to show you knew or reasonably should have known (e.g. if a reasonable person would have had a reasonable basis to believe the person was under 18, like she looks like she’s 13) that they were underaged.

    1. There has to be a constitutional problem with strict liability for a crime like this. It amounts to making it impossible to ever know that your actions are legal. No matter what precautions you take and to what extent you are deliberately deceived if you get fooled it’s your fault and you’re on the hook criminally.

  7. Maybe he could have sent a file to 3D print an exact replica of his dick.

    Or, a scaled file, if he was seeking to impress.

  8. Sugar daddy sites are just semi legalized prostitution. A sugar daddy in this context is just a john. The age thing is a non sequitur.

    As for verifying the age of random young adults you meet and have sex with… There’s really no way to guard against this. Women have been lying about their age and faking IDs to participate in adult activities since forever. Famous guys have been getting caught in this trap for as long as I’ve been alive. A woman you meet in an adult club could look 22 but be 17 with a fake ID.

  9. Austin Culture collides with Texas Law. That’s almost like San Francisco vs the Bible Belt. A more extreme version of the larger national tension between the old moral order of procreative sex constrained by marriage and the new moral order of anything goes sex.

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